Animal Encounters


Choose from a selection of fun-filled and educational interactive experiences that allow you to get up close and personal with some of the Oglebay Good Zoo’s animal residents. Help our Zoo Keepers feed and train the zoo’s animals as they welcome you into their exhibit. Be sure to bring your camera for this incredible experience. Closed toe shoes must be worn. Participants must be 5 years or older. Meet the Keeper Encounter available for children under the age of 5!

Guests who purchase two animal encounter experiences will receive a $25 Oglebay gift card that can be used for lodging, dining, shopping, in The West Spa, or for other resort activities. Guests who purchase three animal encounter experiences will receive a $50 Oglebay gift card!


Animal Encounters

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Reindeer Encounters

Meet our reindeer and the Zoo Keepers who train them during this 30-minute animal encounter.


Animal Encounter

Choose one from ring-tailed lemur, mongoose lemur, kangaroo and wallaby, red panda, or two-toed sloth. Please allow 45 minutes for this program.



Family Farmyard Fun

Join a keeper in the zoo’s farm area to learn about the barnyard animals and how we take care of them. Participants will get to help bottle-feed baby animals, feed and brush goats, walk llamas, train donkeys, pet rabbits or guinea pigs, create enrichment items for the animals, and collect eggs from the chickens. This program is great for all family members ages 3 and up with a maximum number of 6 guests. Please to allow 90 minutes for this program. 

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Creature Connection

Enjoy this special animal encounter for young children! Creature Connection sessions are available at 11 AM daily for up to 5 participants ages 2 and older. The group will meet three program animals that could include snakes, alligators, toads, hawks, owls, skunks, ferrets, rabbits, guinea pigs, or armadillos. The group will then toss crickets or mealworms into our meerkats!

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Serval Surprise

Meet our newest member of the zoo family in this surprising program! Pet, feed, train, and get your picture taken with our serval, Malika! A Zoo Keeper will discuss serval natural history and conservation during your Serval Surprise. Please allow 45 minutes for this program. Must be at least 12 years old for this program.


Keeper for a Day

Have you ever wanted to be a zookeeper or wondered how we take care of the animals at the zoo? Now is your opportunity to find out! Assist a Zoo Keeper in training and taking care of our meerkats, miniature donkeys, and red pandas. Learn about environmental enrichment by assisting a keeper with browse collection and feeding our kangaroos and wallabies! Discover the different types of food that we use at the zoo as you help prepare animal diets. Also take a behind the scenes tour of our animal hospital!

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Talk Nerdy to Me

Take a guided tour with one of our Zoo Scientists to learn the stories of the animals within our zoo. Learn about the field conservation programs conducted by the zoo and even get a special behind the scenes tour of our animal hospital!

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Play with the Animals

Join us at the Good Zoo every Saturday and Sunday at 1:00 pm from January through March to play with the animals! You’ll work with the Good Zoo’s Animal Welfare team to create toys and treats for your favorite Zoo animals. You’ll also assist and observe as our team members share the toys and treats with the animals. $15 per person *A maximum of 10 guests may participate per session.

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